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Like kids in a toy store, we are drawn to the new and shiny. You have those feelings of excitement and exuberance that come from something you absolutely love, right? Isn’t that what you want from your IT service technicians? At Techs., the more we learn, the more we want to learn. And we want to teach you what will benefit you most. Your technology is awesome, and we want to show you why!

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Information Management

Information technology can be confusing. That’s why we ensure you have the proper sources, backups and syncing for all your information needs.

Cloud Freedom

We help you choose suitable cloud services, so you can be free of any device restrictions your technology is experiencing right now.

System Design

From building computers to setting up networks, we work diligently to equip you with everything you need — with no affiliations to third parties.

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IT’s us!

The people who make Techs tick.

Sam Moretti

Sam Moretti

CEO, Owner

Sam I Am started Techs to support the under-supported technology needs of the small business community. You’ll find him chatting with one of his managed clients, confirming everything is running like a well-oil machine. When he’s not doing that, he’s training his staff in the practices of the Symphony of Awesome. Don’t be alarmed if he breaks out in song; he does that.

Drew Snider

Drew Snider

Client Lead Technician

Drew works with clients designing a tailor-fit solution for their needs. He’s constantly moving about, answering questions and ensuring everything is Awesome! A 20 year veteran of IT, he’s always working to keep your digital work safe, smooth and protected. You’ll find him in the office or driving to meet clients whenever they need a hand.

Emily Bell

Emily Bell

COO, Head Technician

Emily mans the fort at Techs. She focuses on process improvement, workflow management and new technician training. You can find her at the office tinkering on a stubborn piece of hardware, prepping inventory for project implementations, and remotely helping clients in need. She ventures into the field when the guys need a little help which, if we’re being honest, is all the time.

Nick Bell

Nick Bell

Support Technician

This is Nick. Nick is a magician. He can fit a square peg into a round hole. To be honest, it’s probably black magic. Computers just work when he touches them. Nick’s primary job is to learn as much about IT as possible so that he may return and recant his heroic adventures to his minion/son (who is a magician in training, but shhh. The council knows not). Nick can always be found with his hand in the air asking the important questions, ensuring your projects are completed to your specifications. He was the annoying kid at the front of class asking for extra credit.

Holden Ginn

Holden Ginn

Support Technician

Holden started small in life, and remained small for the rest of it. Sitting in at 5’8″ on a good day, Holden had to develop a quick wit and sharp tongue to survive in the brutal halls of middle school. He found sanctuary in video games and books, which did nothing to help his social status. Fortunately, he went to High school and discovered the world of Dungeons and Dragons. At this point, the girls found his irresistible. He was basically swatting them away in the halls (which was weird because he went to an all boys, Catholic school).

Happy with IT.

Meet the people who have been changed by IT.

Workstation reconfiguration and business computer build:

“The most knowledgeable of any computer tech we have ever run across. Far surpassed our expectations and should not be even considered within the normal group of on-site, so called computer repair specialists. This guy knows his stuff and should be the first service that is called if a small business has computer issues. Fast, responsible, punctual and professional. The BEST!”

Twana Connors

New network setup and computer cleanup:

“Sam has provided computer tech help for me over the last 4 years 3 times all with over the top satisfaction. Recently, he came to my house to install a new router due to the poor quality router from my ISP. He installed a new wireless printer upstairs and once all was working, he made sure that the existing printers, laptops and other equipment worked on the network together. He also tested the speed of the internet and checked various sites around my house to make sure I had solid WiFi. In checking all of this he found that I had a virus on one of my laptops that I missed and took care of it! Sam is very thorough and knowledgeable about technology.”

Terry Markway

Computer virus removal and new computer transfer:

“Sam was polite, professional, and so patient. I am not really a tech person, and he answered all my questions so that I could understand. I learned a lot about my computer! He came on time, and did everything quickly. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of technology, and he explains everything as he goes. He gave me advice about shopping for my new computer; that was so helpful. He even called me back a few weeks after the job to make sure all was going well and to ask if I had any questions. I’m so glad I decided to use Techs!”

Sharon Tracy

Know IT.

Articles by Techs to empower you with your IT.

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This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Halfway through the workday, you lose Internet access. You try to reset the router, but are prompted for a password. You don’t know the password. Your IT guy does. So you try to contact your IT guy. He doesn’t respond. You try...

Best Small Business Practices for Your Company Domain

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“Send Us the Money or Else…” What to Do If You Contract Ransomware

“Buy decryption and get all your files back.” That’s what the note might say. And while it may not be built of letters cut from magazine headlines, it’s demanding ransom. It’s a form of malware, and a particularly nasty one at that. Ransomware is a type of Trojan...

Techs Selects: Best Paid Antivirus

No one wants the hassle of a computer virus. The lag. The online searches that redirect to other sites. The potential to lose all your information. To stay clear of computer viruses, for the most part, you don’t necessarily need paid antivirus software. Just set up a...

Why Techs Chose Dot-Tech (and Why You May Want a New Top-Level Domain for Your Site)

Welcome to our blog! Our purpose is to empower you to make sound technology decisions. We hope the dot-tech didn’t give you any trouble. Dot-tech isn’t a standard top-level domain, we realize, and we’re willing to bet you haven’t seen as many dot-tech’s as you have...

Welcome to our new website!

We hope you enjoy the refinements to our website. We apologize for the change to the url, but this one is more true to our feelings about IT and what we believe it can be for all of you. Keep tuned in for future posts!

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